Top 5 Tricky Questions

Trick Questions

1) Books in a Library

In a library, 30% books are English books and 10% are Hindi books. If the remaining 3600 books are in Malayalam.

What is the total number of books in that library?

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2) 7 Birds On A Cable

There are 7 Birds on a cable, I shoot 1 bird with the catapult and she dies.

Now how many of them are left?

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3) Crossing a Pond

You have a dog, a cock and a sack of grain. You want to cross a pond, but you can only carry one at a time. If you leave the dog with the cock, the dog will eat the cock; if you leave the cock with the grain the cock will eat the grains.

How can you get all three across safely?

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4) What is the Age?

My son Saji is 32 years younger than I and two years older than his sister.
If our combined age is 126,

what is the age of each of us?

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5) Frog in The Well

A frog at the bottom of a well, which is sixteen feet deep, tries to get out of it. Each day he jumps up four feet but slips back three.

At this rate how many days will take to reach, the top of the well?

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