Written Exam - Puzzle

In a written test there are 50 questions. Each question Carries 1 mark. All questions are compulsory. For each wrong answer or omission 1 mark will be deducted. A candidate has got 40 marks,

How many questions did he answer correctly.

Before you go for the answer please comment your answer!



  1. He answered 45 answers correctly and 5 wrong answers.

    Correct Answers: 45
    Wrong Answers: -5
    Total: 45-5=40

  2. Actually the ans is : 45
    Because if he will answer correctly for the 45 questions he will get 45 marks then after for each wrong answer one mark will be deducted means for 46 the ans:44 and for 47th question the ans:43.........for 50th one it will be 40
    if i got 10 correct answers then I will score 10 marks if 11th one is wrong then the ans will be 09