Cow, Buffalo & Goat - Puzzle

Cow gives 2 Liters of Milk.
Buffalo gives 5 Liters of milk.
Goat gives 250 ml of milk.
The total milk required by a cattler is 40 Liters.
The cattler must keep 20 animals of all the three types.

Can you help the cattler decide what number of each animals must he keep to satisfy his needs?

Before you go for the answer please comment your answer below!



  1. 1 cow,7 buffaloes and 12 goats..and it is done yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)

  2. cow 1 x 2 = 2 liter
    baffalo 5 x 7 = 35 liter
    goat 250ml x 12 = 3 liter

    total bacam 40 liter..of each sort of three animal!!
    there is no combination except it sarisfy the condition so 40 this is peerless answer

  3. how can we solve such type of question

    1. the main condition for this question is
      tot amount of milk = 2 (tot no. of animals)

  4. way to solve ?
    is there some method or hit & trail ?

    1. the main condition for this question is
      tot amount of milk = 2 (tot no. of animals)

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  6. it is hard to under stand but try
    given required animals is 20, and milk is 40 liters
    that means on avg for 1 animal should give 2 liters of milk
    our condition is amount of milk=2*no.of animals
    keep no. of cows aside because 1 cow gives 2 liter of milk it satisfy the condition
    let no.of buffalo=x
    no.of goats =z
    from our condition
    on solving
    hence it cannot simplify, x=7,z=12 x+y=19
    there for tot no.of buffalos and goats=19,remaining one animal is cow.
    hence the question is solved.
    this question has two answers
    1)7 buffaloes,12 goats and 1cow
    2)0 buffaloes,0 goats and 20 cows
    main condition is (tot amount of milk=2(tot no of animals))

  7. 1st answer is the best because he mentioned that cattler must keep all the three types

  8. 12 goats*250= 3ltr.
    7 buffaloes*5= 35ltr.
    1 cow*2= 2ltr.

    ttl -20 animals, 40ltrs.

  9. Rancher. The word you are looking for is rancher.

  10. just 20 cows
    they are milder than buffalos, and more efficient than goats
    rancher's point of view

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