The Missing One Rupee

one rupee puzzle
Three friends who stay in lodge sent Room boy to buy Banana. They gave him 6 rupees each. He went to the Shop Banana were not so good, Since the Bananas were not so good, the shop-keeper gave back 5 rupees. The Room boy returned and gave each lodger 1 rupee and kept the balance of 2 with him. Each lodger thus paid only Rs 5/- for the Bananas but 5x3=15+2=17.

Who took the missing one rupee..??

Before you go for the answer please comment your answer below!



  1. Since bananas cost Rs 13 (18-5)
    therefore each paid Rs 13/3 for bananas.
    Boy gave them back Rs 1 each
    therefore he gave each of them Rs 13/3(for bananas)+Rs 1 back which amounts to Rs 16 [3(13/3+1)] and took remaining Rs 2 with him.

  2. 13 bananas cost 2 for tip(assume) 3 they got back= 18 total. Then Rs. 1 is not missing. :p

  3. Given to the room boy=18
    shope keeper charged18-5=13
    Boy returned them 1 rupee each 5-3=2
    Boy took Rs2
    nothin missing here.

  4. Are idiot,when they paid only 5per head,why r u adding Rs 2 in that 15, it must be subtracted frm 15 so that the actual cost of banana will come i.e.=13

    1. jyada dimag mt chala

    2. question to question hota hein ..!!answer sab jaante hein!!..chutiye gadhe..!!

  5. room boy was given 6*3=Rs 18
    the shopkeeper gave back Rs 5, so now the boy has got 18-5=Rs13
    the boy gave Rs 1 each to the lodger,so total is Rs 3 and kept Rs 2
    now resultant 6*3=13+3+2=Rs 18!

  6. Banana cost 13Rs
    each 1RS given back(1+1+1)=3Rs
    2 Rs for room boy
    so 13+3+2=18
    not even single paisa is missing

  7. boys has 18 rps in hand ....!!
    so he gave 18 to shopkeeper.!! and shopkeeper returned him 5 rps.!!
    out of 5 boy kept 2 rps..!!!
    so boy returned 1 rps to each lodger..!!
    so now lodger's spent 18-3(got back) + 2(boy has in pocket)=13
    13(shopkeeper has) + 2(boy)+ 3(boy gave to lodger's) = 18......