A robbery...

   A Robber Robbed a number of Gold bars from Locker of a bank.

   When he tries to escape, a man catches him, and asks equal share of Gold bars, where one Gold bar remains with them, and they started quarrel for that single Gold Bar.

   Then another Trespasser watched them and asks a share for him. Then they divided into 3, where one Gold bar remains. Likewise the Gold bars were divided for 6 people who came there simultaneously, all of them raised their voice for single Gold bar that remained, there. Another heard their shouts and he asked a share for him too.

   Finally it was equally divided without any Gold bar remaining, when divided for 7 persons including the Robber.

  Can You Say, What Would Be The Number Of Gold Bars Robbed By The Robber?

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  1. Tell me the procedure of the answer. The answer is 301